Therapy Place Families : This One’s for You

Family ServicesHave you been lost in a maze of paperwork, doctors, therapists wondering, hoping for some type of fairy godmother to help? Well, as The Therapy Place’s new Family Services Coordinator, I don’t have a magic wand, but I do have over five years of experience with my own two children with special needs (Autism and Down syndrome in case you’re curious).
I have been working hard to meet all of our incredible families and children. If you haven’t seen me wandering the lobby yet, you will. Stop me and say hello, as I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

My job here is to help you. I advocate, help connect you to outside resources, develop our annual conference (Save the date October 8!), host Family Fun Day (Next day is July 16!), keep our blog updated, coordinate monthly newsletters, plan family support groups and more.

Get connected with The Therapy Place online to receive all of our news and updates. Here’s where to find us:

I will be distributing a survey very soon for families. PLEASE make sure you take time to respond. Your answers will help shape current and future programs and services, as well as help me do my job of helping YOU!

I am in and out of the office until mid-August, so if you need me and don’t see me be sure to leave me a message or send me an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Toni Turbeville Morton
Family Services Coordinator

25+ Activities for Inclement Weather


Blog1Inclement weather can limit children’s ability to run, play and get messy outside. Here are some games and activities that can be done inside to assist with all of their needs and keep them busy!

Movement Games

Freeze: Play some favorite music while the kids dance and move around. When the music stops the kids “freeze;” whoever doesn’t freeze loses and runs the music for the next round. Make it harder by having the kids “freeze” in animal or yoga poses.

Hopscotch: Cut old cardboard boxes/cereal boxes and write numbers on them, have each child align them in different patterns and lead a session.

Indoor obstacle course: Using household items (chairs, couch cushions, tape on carpet/floor) design an obstacle course for the kids to run through. You can time them, or place puzzle pieces at the beginning and get two to four pieces prior to going through obstacle course to put together at end. Continue until puzzle is complete.

Animal charades: Place the names (or pictures for children who are not yet reading) of animals in a hat and have kids act out what the animal does, how it walks, what it eats. etc. in order for everyone else to guess.

Hot Potato: Use an old sock and fill it with dried rice or beans; tie and or tape the top of the sock so there are no leaks and have the kids toss the sock to each other while music is playing. Stop the music randomly and whoever is holding the “potato” runs the music for the next round.

Simon Says

Red light Green light: Adapt the traditional game by having the children run, walk or animal crawl.

Balloon Tennis/Volleyball: Blow up a balloon and have the kids hit it back and forth without letting it hit the ground.

Hide and seek

Scavenger Hunt: This may take a little prep work for adults… Hide items throughout the house and provide clues to locations. Easier version: Provide a list of items the children have to bring back to you (Q-tip, blue sock, toy that starts with letter “L”, etc.). First one back with all the items wins!

Bowling with water bottles: Set up water bottles at the end of a room/hallway and use a beach ball or a weighted ball to bowl them down.

Making play-doh

Sensory Games

Make your own playdough.

Cook something together.

Touch-and-feel box: Cut a hole in side of an old shoebox, place items into box and have child feel them and guess what object is without looking. Or place a lot of items in a box, have child reach through hole and get out a specific item that you request.

Finger paint.

Fake snow: (Warning: This is messy, so prepare with trash bags on table and surrounding floors!) Mix baking soda and shaving cream together to make “snow” (recipe). Have children roll snowballs, make snowmen or just enjoy the flurries. Add extra glitter for some sparkle.

Fishing in bathtub.


Memory games.

Missing item: Place items on a table and let children look at them for 30 seconds. Have the kids close their eyes and then remove one object. See if they can remember which one is gone.

Animal alphabet game: Take turns starting with “A;” have the child think of an animal starting with that letter and then act it out. The next person will do letters “A” and “B.” See how far down the alphabet you can go.

Read a book together.

Put on a play of favorite story.

Board games.

Last Resort

If you’ve run out of options, put on some good music and dance it off! Children can work on following directions and get their wiggles out.